Republic of Korea Creativity Festival:

“Support weight on water!”

Materials required for the mission

■ Division Ⅰ : Bendy straws x 15, 39in cello tapes, 25-cent coins x 10
■ Division Ⅱ : Bendy straws x 13, 35in cello tapes, 25-cent coins x 10
■ Division Ⅲ : Bendy straws x 11, 31in cello tapes, 25-cent coins x 10
■ Division Ⅳ : Bendy straws x 10, 27in cello tapes, 25-cent coins x 10

Mission details

1. Make a creative and unique buoyancy kit using the materials given.
2. It’s successful when your buoyancy kit doesn’t sink even if many 25-cent coins are placed on top!
10 points for each successful coin (100 points total).

Description of mission: There are volcanoes erupting in the back and a stormy sea in front. Do you think the Odyssey Expedition team will be able to make a raft that can survive the waves the size of houses and escape Dinosaur Island? Then, shall we watch the video below and found out what to do?

So, now we all know what to do. Shall we have a go?
Place the materials you’ve been given on your desk.
You have 5 minutes! Click on the stopwatch below and let’s get started!


Those teams that succeeded in all ten 25-cent coins, please send a photo of your team’s work including Long-term Problem No. Division, Membership No. and team name to, and we will send you a virtual stamp that verifies your participation in the Creativity Festival